TID 1. Guided Tour

Conduct of tour to NAP facilities.



1. Sends a letter of request addressed to the Executive Director Receives and logs the request None TID Administrative Aide/ Asst.
  Coordinate schedule with the requesting agency and respective unit to be visited (subject to the availability of facility/ies). In case of non-availability of facility/ies to be visited, send notice to requesting party None Training Specialist III
2. Sends confirmation re schedule of tour Upon receipt, inform concerned unit/s to be visited by the requesting party None Chief, TID
  Actual NAP tour as scheduled None Training Specialist I

Training Specialist II


TID 2. In – House Training

Conduct of In-house Training on records and archives management.


1.  Sends letter request for training addressed to the Executive Director Receives and logs request.



Delegates and coordinates to the Training Specialist – Program and Evaluation Section


Prepares and sends acknowledgement letter (AL) to the requesting agency

None TID Administrative Assistant Administrative Aide



Chief, Training Specialist/Authorized Representative



Training Specialist


  Coordinates/Facilitat es/Discusses with the requesting agency coordinator/contact person on the feasible date and other requirements (forms, training evaluation, honorarium,

logistics, etc.) for the in-house training


Schedules confirmed date.

None Training Specialist
2.  Sends letter/notice of confirmation for training addressed to the Executive Director/Chief-TID Receives and logs letter of confirmation for the conduct in- house training None TID Administrative Asst./Aide
  Notes and delegates action to proceed and coordinate final details, requirements and assignment of Resource Persons for the training module requested None Chief, Training Specialist/Authoriz ed Representative
  Checks and assigns Resource Persons against the Pool of RP’s for the requested training module None Training Specialist
  Coordinates with the resource person and their supervisors to confirm and conform with the topic/lecture assignment None Training Specialist
  Prepares the Conforme, Office and Travel Orders for Resource Persons None TID Administrative Aide/Assistant/ Training Specialist
  Endorses the Conforme, Office and Travel Orders for signature/ approval None Chief Training Specialist/Authorized Representative
  Approves or disapproves the Office Order and Travel Orders None Executive Director

Deputy Executive Director

  Sends to the requesting agency approved Office Order/Travel Orders and Conforme for counter approval of Agency signatory (email and courier) None TID Administrative Aide/Assistant/ Training Specialist
3.  Sends back signed Conforme  (email/courier); Receives and prints in-house documents (layout of seminar certificates and appearances, etc. as needed) Sends in-house documents and forms for Agency reproduction and or reference including contact information of RP’s for pick up and drop off, etc None Agency Authorized Signatory

Agency coordinator

4. Receives the seminar resource person/s, facilitates and attends the seminar Gives the lecture/topic presentations in the actual date of training None Assigned Resource Person