The Archives Collection and Access Division (ACAD) will be moving its Spanish Documents Section (SDS) Collection to a new location starting 15 October 2019. The transfer is scheduled to be completed by January 2020.

The NAP Temporary Reading Room, located at 1153 Cristobal St., Paco, Manila, will remain open while the SDS records are being moved. Certain record series from the SDS Collection’s Section I will not be available for digitization requests because of the transfer. However, we would like to ensure everyone that most of the record series in the SDS Collection are available in the Reading Room in either digital, microfilm, or photocopy.

Please note that the majority of record series of the SDS’s Section II are already available in the NAP Temporary Reading Room in digital format. These are records which are being made available to the public for the very first time. Please see the listings of the record series accessible in the NAP Temporary Reading Room.

For any inquiries please contact Ms. Aurea Silva at Tel. no. 353-3192 or send us an email at

Click the link below to view the list of record series in different formats (digital, microfilm, and photocopy).