In celebration of the 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary, the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) invited Dr. Perla U.S Bernardo, Organization Development Consultant to conduct a lecture on the components of a positive work environment. This was in line with the month-long celebration of Philippine Civil Service Anniversary marked by the theme, “Transforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant Heroes.” 

In Dr. Bernardo’s lecture titled: “The case for positive organizations,” she discussed the components of a positive work environment and how to create an organizational culture that nurtures an individual. She cited this year’s theme for the Philippine Civil Service Anniversary focused on building a competent and credible workforce in the new normal. 

According to Dr. Bernardo, people are just like sunflowers. She cited the Heliotropic Principle which describes the scientific process by which sunflowers rotated towards the sun’s energy. She argued that people function the same way. Just like sunflowers, people were attracted to organizations that provide energy. 

Positive work environment fosters growth, and will make the working environment more productive. As public servants, Dr. Bernardo said that it is important to have a positive work culture, and to stress integrity and accountability.