In the Philippines we often hear of the saying, “Tangkilikin ang Sariling Atin”. This saying which emphasizes that supporting locally made products is crucial was the rationale for the celebration of Made in the Philippines Products Week. Held every 17th to 23rd of August, this week-long celebration is part of the government’s campaign to promote economic nationalism and to support local businesses.

On August 16, 2021, the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) joined the call to prioritize Filipino goods, as the country celebrated Made in the Philippines Products Week. Through an online gathering, the NAP invited Ms. Christine G. Dulnuan, Senior History Researcher of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) to discuss this national campaign.

In her discussion, Ms. Dulnuan said that this ongoing campaign to prioritize local products is celebrated by virtue of Proclamation No. 76 signed by former President Manuel L. Quezon to promote the growth of domestic and small industries instead of foreign businesses. She also discussed the Filipino First Policy of former President Carlos P. Garcia, which aims to encourage Filipinos to prioritize and familiarize themselves with local products.

Mr. Victorino M. Manalo, NAP’s Executive Director also showed several Philippine-made products from a local business called, “The Tahanan Shop” which gathered many items to sell. These included ceramic kitchen jars labeled with Filipino names for pantry staples and multi-purpose bamboo ladder that can be used for hanging items. He said, there are many ways to participate in Made in the Philippines Products Week, whether it is through supporting local industries in your neighborhood or through favoring domestic products. It is important to prioritize local products and industries all year round and not only during Made in the Philippines Products Week.