The National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) presents the second document selected from the record series called Erecciones de los Pueblos. The Erecciones de los Pueblos is one of the hundreds of topics in the collections of the Spanish Documents Section of the NAP.

In 1876, the Barrio Lieutenant, the chiefs of the community and other residents of the barrio of Calanucian, with the consent of the Rev. Fr. Provincial of the Convent of Sto. Domingo and the favorable reports of Spanish governmental bodies, the Direccion General de Administración Civil and the Consejo de Administración, initiated a proposal to erect the barrio of Calanucian to a civil town independent of its matrix Cauayan, province of Ysabela. The proposal was approved in Madrid by the Royal Order of 12 June 18?8 naming the new town “Reina Mercedes”. A Superior Decree approved the Demarcation and Marking Act of this new town. The task of setting the new boundaries as specified in the decree was executed by the Politico Military Governor of Ysabela.