The NAP presents the third document selected from the record series called Erecciones de los Pueblos.

The Erecciones de los Pueblos is one of the hundreds of topics in the collections of the Spanish Documents Section of the NAP.

The File is a request from the Chiefs of the visita of Dumalon to the Superior Civil Governor regarding the establishment of said visita to a civil town independent from its matrix Santa Maria de la Villa in Zamboanga, First District of the Island of Mindanao.  The principal reason of the request is the development of agriculture in the place.  With vigilance and control of the fields, the farmers will be free from acts of bandalism by pirates and “moros” from the mountains.

The establishment of the new town called Ayala was approved by Royal Order No. 222 dated 2 April 1878, and the Act of Demarcation by Superior Decree of 25 June 1878.



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