The Featured Document series presents records from the National Archives of the Philippines’ Spanish Documents Section, Section 1. This collection of about 450 fonds totaling about 9 million pages is comprised of maps, plans, designs, sketches and more. Other items from this Section have been featured in past exhibits and publications produced by the NAP.

The document selected deals with the Construction of a New Church in the town of Molo District of Yloilo.  The document comes from a file which includes a document signed by Fr. Romualdo, Bishop of Cebu, dated 29 September 1863 and addressed to the Politico-Military Governor of the Visayas about the request of the Parish Priest of Molo on the construction of a new Church.  The attached request of the Parish Priest, Don Jose M.a Sichon, informs of the need for a new church to replace the old one which already collapsed.  The Church being used is provisional since it is only made of nipa. 

The file also includes the proposed Architectural Plan with the exterior and interior designs. 


Proyecto de uan Yglesia parroquial de 2a clase para el pueblo de Molo provincial de Yloilo
Project for a 2nd class Parish Church for the town on Molo, Province of Iloilo
February 25, 1895
Ink on cloth
53 x 78 cm

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