The Featured Document series presents records from the National Archives of the Philippines’ Spanish Documents Section, Section 1. This collection of about 450 fonds totaling about 9 million pages is comprised of maps, plans, designs, sketches and more. Other items from this Section have been featured in past exhibits and publications produced by the NAP.

Said collection has been featured in Exhibits produced by the NAP during historical events in Metro-Manila and in different provinces.  Significant pieces have also been highlighted in NAP publications.

The second document selected is a Sketch of the land in the visita or sitio called Nasonog.  The Chiefs and other inhabiitants of the visita of Nasonog requested that the same be converted to a town, and the parrish be made independent from its matrix Majayjay in the province of Laguna.  With the sketch is a List of Tribute Payers of the town of Mahayhay, particularly of the eleven (11) barrios of Nasonog.