The National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) produced documents for the exhibit of the Department of Finance in celebration of their 125th founding anniversary. The DOF, as the department charged with overseeing the Philippines’ financial matters, sought the help of NAP to research and feature records showcasing the DOF’s history and contributions to the Philippine history.

With the theme: “Leading the New Economy’s Breakout,” the exhibit featured documents pertaining to the activities of the DOF’s precursor agencies. The DOF is responsible for the management of the government’s financial resources, policy formulation, revenue generation, debt management, and financial market development.

The establishment of the DOF predated the Philippine Republic, and as the country’s agency mandated for crafting a sound fiscal policy, the DOF is also tasked to advance the economic and fiscal reforms to achieve inclusive growth in the Philippines. In the Spanish Colonial Period, the Aduana de Manila was among the many agencies that carried out the functions performed by the DOF today. Among the documents featured was the main floor plan of the Aduana de Manila.

Records from series in NAP’s collection such as the Galeones and Correos were also featured at the exhibit.


Department of Finance (DOF) Secretary Carlos Dominguez III together with National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) Executive Director
Victorino M. Manalo.


Executive Director Manalo together with DOF Usec. Maria Edita Z. Tan and DOF Director Alvin P. Diaz.


From left: Usec. Tan, Sec. Dominguez and Executive Director Manalo.



Installation view of the exhibit.


Usec. Tan checks the documents featured at the exhibit.


The plan of the Aduana de Manila (Customs house) was constructed based on the plans of Spanish Architect Tomas Cortes in 1823. It was also the first incarnation of the Intendencia building.


Also highlighted at the exhibit were the Doorbells and Telephones Illustration Cover of the Magazine “El Telegrafista Español,” which is an early example of a Public-Private Partnership Project.


Shown in this photo is the Galeones, 1694-1797, which is an early example of a document on the Galleon Trade.


ED Manalo together with Sec. Dominguez and DOF officials at the exhibit.