History of the Intendencia

HISTORY OF THE INTENDENCIA (LA ADUANA) DE MANILA 1823 – 1829 The Aduana (Customs House ) is constructed based on the plans of Tomas Cortes. 1863 The earthquake damages the building. 1874-1876 The Aduana is reconstructed upon the direction of Luis Perez Sonjue. 1901 The Intendencia building where the first Office of the Archives is 1916 continue reading : History of the Intendencia

Architectural Criteria

OVERVIEW The National Archives of the Philippines together with the Intramuros Administration is tasked to reconstruct and restore the Intendencia Ruins and convert the same to be the proper structure to house The National Archives of the Philippines offices with exhibition halls that aims to provide its extensive collection a venue to showcase the nation's continue reading : Architectural Criteria