The Consultative Meeting on Updating of Records Inventory which was held last November 20, 2019 at the Manila Prince Hotel San Marcelino St., Paco, Manila was attended by 64 participants from different departments of the government mostly Records Management Improvement Committee members. The Records Management Services Division of The National Archives of the Philippines was assigned to facilitate the seminar. Ms. Ma. Teresa A. Pagaragan, OIC- Chief, RMSD acted as the Resource Speaker during the report while analysts were assigned to each group / department to facilitate the deliberation of inventories submitted.

Participants presented proposed records series that may be included in the revision of General Records Disposition Schedule (GRDS) as well as the unique records series of their department which can also be used in the updating of their agency’s Records Disposition Schedule. In addition, these outputs could be used as basis for the National Records Management Information System on policies, rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures. The Public Access Registry for all agencies’ records holdings is to be established.

Lists of the latest composition of the Records Management Improvement Committee were expected to be submitted after the seminar. As discussed and agreed upon, the participants will be submitting their inventories indicating “new” facilitative records which can be included in the General Records Disposition Schedule and substantive records of their department for their agency Records Disposition Schedule. Another seminar will be held by the 1st quarter of 2020. Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries of will be invited to emphasize the importance of the records inventory.

This activity was attended by the different members of the Records Management Improvement Committee from different departments.