The Cuerpo de Vgilancia record series found in the Collection of the Spanish Documents Section describes a file dated 18 March 1897:

 A communication on Paciano Rizal Mercado stated that he disappeared from Manila with his sister-in-law, Doña Josefa [Bracken], widow of José Rizal.  She was at the time found in the towns of the “insurrect” province of Cavite. As to Paciano, there were contradictory statements, and doubts as to his whereabouts.   According to his family, he went to the province of Laguna. This communication further stated that the family purposely hid his whereabouts to deceive the police. There were other contradicting declarations but the Spanish government was certain that he was heading the armed rebels of a town.

                Source:  Cuerpo de Vigilancia 1896-1898, SDS 14165, S-188-189b.