Job Orders 2021

Description/Particulars Contractor Contract Amount PO/JO/NOA
Supply of Labor, Materials for the Preventive Maintenance/General Cleaning of AC Units Fix & Care  Php2,000.00  21-02-001
Acrylic Divider Cosasdeoficina  Php360,800.00  21-02-002
Supply of Mineral Water Pishon   Php92,736.00 21-03-003
Printing of Cards and Envelopes Progressive   Php144,000.00 21-03-004
Refilling /reconditioning of Fire Extinguishers ES Castro  Php213,410.80 21-03-005
Service Provider for Hauling/Transfer of Office Equipment and Fixtures MRF Trading   Php89,625.00 21-04-006
Termites and Pest Control for RAN Davao Mapecon   Php102,000.00 21-04-007
Supply Labor Materials for Termites Pest Control for RAN Davao Mapecon   Php70,000.00 21-05-011
Various Office Supplies and Materials  AE Samonte  Php104,573.00 21-06-008
Hauling of Additional Documents/Recors, Office Equipment, Supplies and Materials for RCD-Cristobal, Paco Manila to RCD-Dasmariñas, Cavite D'Lacoste  Php461,552.76 21-07-014