Job Orders 2020

Description/Particulars Contractor Contract Amount PO/JO/NOA
Printing/Publication of NAP 2018 Annual Report NATIONAL PRINTING OFFICE  Php200,000.00  20-01-001
Procurement of Consultant/Facilitator/s for the NAP Strategic Planning Workshop for CY 2021 MSS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS  Php250,000.00  20-01-002
Procurement of Venue, Accommodation and Catering Services for CY 2020 Strategic Planning CLEARWATER COUNTRY CLUB, INC.  Php538,000.00  20-01-003
Procurement of Transportation for CY 2020 Strategic Planning KING’S COACH TOURS AND TRANSPORT CORP.  Php32,000.00  20-01-004
Procurement of Additional Full Access License of Globodox Software FLORO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION  Php210,000.00  20-02-005
Procurement of Pest and Termite Control Treatment for CY 2020 Q & L PEST CONTROL SERVICES  Php174,000.00  20-02-006
Supply of Labor, Materials and Supervision for the Preventive Maintenance/General Cleaning of Air-conditioning units of NAP for March-Decemebr 2020 FIX AND CARE REF AND AIRCON SERVICES, INC.  Php225,000.00  20-02-007
Venue, Accommodation and Catering Services for the Conduct of Seminar-Workshop on Basic Records and Archives Management L.A. BREZA HOTEL, INC.  Php561,600.00  20-02-008
Supply of labor, materials and supervision for the refilling/reconditioning of Fire Extinguishers for RAN-Davao KRIZLER INDUSTRIAL CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE  Php49,000.00  20-02-009
Supply of labor, materials and supervision for the General Inspection and assessment of One(1) unit passenger elevator EDUNBURGH ELEVATOR PHILIPPINES, INC.  Php16,800.00  20-02-010
  ARCHAEOLOGY   20-03-011
Procurement for the Optical Satellite Imagery on the Intendencia Building located in Intramuros, Manila GEO-SURVEYS & MAPPING, INC.  Php56,000.00  20-03-012
Refilling/reconditioning of Fire Extinguishers E.S. CASTRO TRADING  Php153,900.00  20-06-013
Supply and Delivery of Purified Drinking Water for the Period April 1 to December 31, 2020 PISHON INDUSTRIES, INC.  Php93,600.00  20-06-014
Consultancy Services for the Formulation of conservation Management Plan as guiding documents for the Conservation and Management of Intendencia Building located at Intramuros, Manila DIGISCRIPT PHILIPPINES, INC.  Php940,000.00  20-06-015
Repair and maintenance of one(1) unit passenger elevator at NAP-Otis EDUNBURGH ELEVATOR PHILIPPINES, INC.  Php155,092.00  20-06-016
Lease of Photocopier GCV COPIER SUPPLIES AND SERVICES  Php14,400.00 20-08-017
Fabrication of PVC Tank KIMIKA INDUSTRIAL CORP  Php48,000.00 20-09-018
Hauling of Records, Documents, Supplies and Materials D’ LACOSTE ENTERPRISE   Php217,500.00 20-09-019
Consultant-Facilitator/s for NAP CY 2021 Annual GAD Planning and Budgeting Workshop JEMELLE Z. MILANES   Php22,500.00 20-10-020
Procurement Services for the Appraisal of Real Property of NAP RAN-Davao ASIAN APPRAISAL COMPANY, INC.   Php20,000.00 20-10-021
Printing/Publication of NAP 2019 Annual Report VJ GRAPHIC ARTS, INC.   Php85,000.00 20-10-022
Procurement Services for the Appraisal of Real Property of NAP RAN-Davao CUERVO APPRAISERS, INC.   Php25,000.00 20-10-023